Friday, 5th February, USHUAIA!

end of the worldWe made it.

The Clears and the Russian pulled in to the southernmost city in the Americas at 7.35pm on Friday, February 5th after 31,591km, 15 countries and 207 days. Not to mention 116 couples interviewed and over 400 hours of footage…

I can’t really believe that we’re here. All those dark days of wishing that I could be back in a world with a roof and routine are suddenly distant memories as I contemplate life without the bike and feel not only real sadness about it, but almost panic.

Mike confessed to camera that it feels like the bike is the third (and most reliable) member of our marriage. It’s been the three of us the whole way down (bar a couple of weeks in Bolivia which was not the bike’s fault but our own). The bike has made this trip – it’s started conversations, broken down barriers, got us interviews – got us noticed! The thought of all that being taken away is currently so hard to consider that it feels like a weight on our chests, and the planned elation at making it to the end is considerably more muted than we could ever have expected.

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